Longed For You (Episode 1)

Love is a vital factor that completes our lives no matter how much you want to deny it. There’s always a secret desire to love and be loved by someone special other than your family and friends. So many good people haven’t been fortunate with love and therefore, have totally shut their hearts toward receiving or giving love. Now buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a ride down the memory lane of Catherine.

Catherine was a successful career woman who thrived in anything she puts her mind to. She was a perfect example of an independent, smart and fierce young woman. Her standards were so high that one needed to climb a ladder in order to reach them. She was classy to a fault and carried herself with so much confidence. The main reason behind the burning passion of her career pursuit was the fact that her career was the only thing she could control, as her past relationships didn’t favor her.

Due to Catherine’s career accomplishments and standards, men didn’t want to come too close because they felt she was too much of a woman for them to handle. Catherine knew why men ran away from her, but that didn’t stop her from pushing even harder. “The way you’re going about this your career is too much, aren’t you planning on settling down anytime soon?” Her mum often asked but Catherine always gave deaf ears to her mother’s counsel or advice. She usually tried to convince herself that she was doing just fine being single and didn’t need any man, but deep down, Catherine knew she was deceiving and lying to herself. There was just this void in her heart that neither money nor any accomplishment of hers could fill.

Years passed by but the void was still there; she tried to get involved with so many activities in order to see if that feeling would go away but unfortunately, it was still there. Catherine got involved in many charity events and tried to convince herself that the love she received from the children whenever she did those charity works were enough for her, but that wasn’t the case as she still felt that void regardless of anything she did.

Catherine was the bread winner of her family, she worked so hard to eradicate the poverty in her family and never had the time to live a normal teenage or youth life. While they were still poor, she felt money was the key to happiness so she did everything in her power to take her family out of poverty but when she got the money, she realized there were things money couldn’t buy and one of such things is Genuine Love!

Life carried on as usual till Catherine had an encounter that changed her life. One fateful day, she was headed for an important meeting with the board of her firm but made a quick stop at the bank to make some deposits. Immediately Catherine entered the bank, she hurriedly headed to the deposit slip section to get a slip. There were so many people in the bank that morning so the bank pen were all taken. She searched her bag for pen but couldn’t find any and sighed in disappointment. As she bent down to search her bag again, a voice from beside her said “You can have mine”. Catherine lifted her head only to see a tall gentleman with a pen in his hand.

For a second, she was caught up in his handsomeness and gentle approach, “Thank you” she said with a faint smile and immediately collected the pen. As she wrote on her slip, she tried to catch another glimpse of him but he had shifted from were he initially stood. After about a minute, she was done writing and turned to give the stranger back his pen but he was nowhere to be found. Catherine looked away and focused on what she quickly came to the bank to do.

The transaction lasted for just (6) six minutes and she set off to leave. Immediately Catherine stepped her foot outside the bank building, there the stranger was in his car, buying a news paper from a vendor close to the bank gate. She got inside her car and drove to where he was parked and beeped her car horn, “Hello, you left your pen with me, please have it” she said, “You can have it just incase you need to write something down later today” he said smiling. Catherine was a bit impressed with the authority and confidence he displayed, “No man has ever given me anything before, because they feel I have everything” she thought to herself, “He even reads newspapers, what a modern old fashioned man” she added.

As these thoughts kept playing in her mind, she still tried to act cool. “Thank you, I appreciate but insist that you have your pen back” she said as she stretched her hands through the window, handing the pen to him. The stranger felt it was no big deal and smiled, “It’s just a pen, sometimes it’s good to let people be nice to you. This life isn’t that difficult, you know!” he said. His words sank into Catherine’s head and for a second, she felt powerless as the stranger’s words had humbled her. She thanked him once again and drove off.

On her way to the office, Catherine kept thinking of what the stranger at the bank said and for some strange reasons, she felt powerless for the first time in her life. Deep down her heart, she admired his calm yet authoritative nature. “No man ever talks to me that way, they are always easy going and agree to anything I say without countering it or challenging me” she thought to herself. Catherine wished she could see the stranger again but it seemed almost impossible because she didn’t even get the chance to know his name.

Catherine finally arrived at the office and the meeting started. The board tackled a lot of issues the company was facing and their IT security update was one of them. An order was issued to contact an IT company that would work on the issue as soon as possible.

After the meeting, everyone went back to their offices but Catherine sat at the board room lost in thoughts. Her secretary walked in and found her still seated at the board room and wondered if everything was ok with her. “Are you ok ma’am?” she curiously asked, “Yes I am, why?” Catherine responded, “Nothing, it’s just that you have been sitting here for a while now” her secretary said. Catherine assured her that all was fine and instructed her to get back to work.

The day finally came to an end but differently this time around, because there was a seed planted in her mind by the stranger and it had already started germinating. She kept questioning herself all night and admired the stranger as well.

Days passed and a reputable IT company was contacted for the security issue Catherine’s firm was facing. Their best person was sent for the job and he turned out to be the guy Catherine met in the bank days back. “Welcome sir, please what’s your name?” the receptionist asked, “My name is Nelson” he replied, “Ok, kindly follow me” the secretary said and took him to the IT room of the firm.

All these while, Catherine was at her office and didn’t realize that the man she had been thinking about for a while now was downstairs at the IT room. Words came to her later that the person working on their security issue was around, so she went to see how the work was going. She arrived at the IT office and opened the door but couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face because he was backing her. “Hello, well done!” Catherine encouragingly said and Nelson turned towards her direction.

One look at themselves and they already recognized each other, “Aren’t you the guy from” she said and was about completing her sentence before Nelson cut her off by saying “Yes I am”.

End of episode 1.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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