Get Your Site Approve By Google Adsense In Few Hours Or Days

Adsense is a service owned by Google. It’s an advertising platform designed to run on websites and blogs which Google shares revenue generated from advertisers with Publishers (website owners).

Adsense is rated as the best monetization platform for bloggers. Its core advantages are; prompt payment, High CPC/CTR/Impression rates etc.

Adsense was launched on June 18, 2003.

In recent times, applying for adsense for blogs seems very difficult, but from the research have conducted, Adsense approval is not all that difficult provided you follow Adsense program policies and content policies.

A friend of mine who owns a tech blog while applying for Adsense had only four original, but well written articles, he also created some pages like About us, contact us, privacy policy, cookies policy and terms of service, he had a responsive theme, he designed a well formulated navigational theme on his blog. His traffic was original, his traffic source came from social media since it was a new site. The truth is; his application was approved in less than 48-hour.

Below steps and rules are what you need to follow to get your application approve in hours:

1. Buy a custom domain. E.g,,, etc.

2. Buy a host

3. Be original: Write good, free from grammatical error, atleast 200 words and above.

4. Use a responsive theme, also maintain a good navigational site.

5. Add legal pages like; About us, Contact us, Cookie Policy, privacy Policy, Terms of Service.

6. The best niche are: science and Tech, Education, health, jobs and scholarship etc.

7. Avoid graphic contents, gambling, fire arms and pornography contents if you want your application to be approve.

8. Don’t use any other ads network outside Adsense.

Note: If above steps are not properly followed, your application will continue to be disapprove.

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