Men Do Cry (Episode 1)

Men Do Cry (Episode 4)

15th July 2019 Techplace 0

Jaden’s request came as a big surprise to Laura as she wasn’t expecting it. She never thought an accomplished and successful man like Jaden would […]

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Shattered Walls (Episode 1)

Shattered Walls (Episode 4)

5th July 2019 Techplace 0

Vanessa was shocked beyond words and found it difficult to believe that Henry was at her door. For a minute she thought it was all […]

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A New Dawn - Romantic Story

A New Dawn (Episode 4)

3rd July 2019 Techplace 0

Caro almost dropped dead due to the question asked by Tony. She knew the answer to his question was a death trap, because she honestly […]

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Irreplaceable Love (Episode 1)

Irreplaceable Love (Episode 4)

27th June 2019 Techplace 0

Kelvin’s heartfelt confession didn’t come as a big surprise to Sharon because she was tired of getting her feelings toyed with. She wasn’t going to […]

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Romantic Story: Broken Vow (Episode 1)

Broken Vow (Episode 4)

27th June 2019 Techplace 0

As Lisa drove home that evening, she almost died of guilt as her conscience kept pricking her. For the first time in her life, she […]

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