The Impact Of Science And Technology In The Media Industry/Society

By Laura Kpopji,

Science and technology have had a major impact on media industry and the society and their impact is growing by making life easier. Science has given man the opportunity to pursue societal concerns such as ethics, aesthetics, education and culture, and to improve human condition.

This article will explain better on the impact of science and technology in the media industry and the society as whole.

Science And Technology

MEDIA: This refers to a mass communication tool or channel through which news, music, movies, education and other promotional messages are been sent to their target audience.

SCIENCE: The word science’ is originated from a latin word ‘scientia’ meaning knowledge. It is the systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge i a testable explanation and predictions about the universe.

TECHNOLOGY: It is described as the sum of techniques or tactics and processes used in the production of goods and services, or in accomplishment of objectives such as scientific investigation.

INDUSTRY: This is a particular segmented organized place, planned and designed by a particular group of people to earn or make profit. It is a sector that produces goods or related services within an economy.


1. CONTENT PRODUCTION: The increase in online content production like articles, videos, shows, publication etcetera is becoming more alarming. Therefore the effect or barrier for new media organization is very low with plenty of different online distributions and vehicles mostly every second of a time.

2. FREELANCE REPORTERS: Today, freelance reporters, photographs and even designers are hard to find. Most companies that usually depend on this people are finding it harder and harder to compete with companies that are strategically using freelance talents. Most media companies that can struggle without this framework keeps profit margins higher.

3. LOW COST (MASS DIGITALIZATION): The quantity at which the materials like newspapers, magazine and so on were been patronized is reduced today because of the visibility of science and technology invention into the media industry has changed every bit of it. The cost of technology in mass digitalization continues to increase while digital is replacing the print media, it is absolutely inevitable. Now companies need to make digital delivery their primary focus and their print operations disposable or saleable.

Science and technology has made a lot of impact on the media industry as every passes. Today, the multiple impacts has made easier for us as many will testify to it.

1. FAST AND EASY: Speed is one of the best aspects of technology. We get to the notice of recent happening with immediacy. The speed and easy access is very helpful in emergency situation and most people get saved due to the immediate information they might get, and this brings credibility and reliability of its readers.

2. ACCESSIBILITY: The invention of all the electronic gadgets available these days, a person will be distraught looking for a faster means to communicate. Not having a mobile phone or an internet connection is in fact a lame excuse. Accessibility is helpful for work related activities. With easy access, technology enables us to achieve a lot of things.

3. DEVICES FOR COMMUNICATION: The growing abundance of science and technological devices means that virtually every person in the media industry has a computer at home and mobile phone in their pockets. It is also common place for employees to bring their mobile devices to work or to conduct work off of them from their home. Technology brought about a lot of changes in the media industry and even the society as a whole.

4. MORE PRODUCTIVE: Speed and accessibility can only lead to productivity. When you get things done a snap, it means that you get a lot of things done too. This is another positive impact of science and technology in the media organization.

5. INTERNET: While internet has already been around for about three decades and its adaption to journalistic also spread rapidly, maturity came at a slower rate. It was the mass popularization of blogging, along with the introduction of the first few social networks which started to shake off the status quo. This gave birth to new buzzing word “citizen journalist” embedded in the idea that the internet bypasses old structures of control and power.

6. EDUCATION: Getting knowledge is science, and with the help of technology, students have equipment and tools at their fingertips for better understanding and learning. Reading is now more convenient with the use of internet and mobile enabled devices with data connections.