The Impact Of Information Communication Technology (ICT) On The Youths

By Laura Kpopji,


It is true that, there world is coined two sided which entails the positive and the negative side of it, but today, the beneficial aspect of it to dream chasers surpasses the negative.

This article is to enlighten on the various need and advantages of which the youth should make use of ICT. Many describe it more negative in the society, but today, study shows that the positive impact of the ICT on the youth surpasses the opposite. In this article you will be introduce to ICT and its impacts on the youths in the society.

The impact of Information Communication Technology

INFORMATION: This can be seen as raw facts or messages been disseminated to the listening audience. It could be seen as a collection of facts from which conclusions can be drawn afterwards. It is a message received and understood.

COMMUNICATION: This is the continuous process of passing out bulky or heterogeneous messages to the audience with the intend of receiving feedback immediately or later. It is a connection allowing access between two or more persons with a feedback.

TECHNOLOGY: This can seen as the sum of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods and services, or in the accomplishments of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology is basically seen as skill and art used in achieving a particular goal of interest.


ICT REDUCES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ON THE PEOPLE: It is true that, ICT users may adapt a lazy or sedentary lifestyles. This is because, most people while on the internet, find it difficult to even stand up and take their bath. This process may lead to the lack of physical fitness and health problems, such as Obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Some people can lay themselves down for 24hours operating the internet and this could lead to chest pain and even eye problem (blurring).

ICT LEADS TO JOB LOSS: This can be considered as the largest effect of ICT on the person’s life. It can lead to loss of a person’s job. This has social and economic problems, that is, loss of income and loss of status and self-esteem. The job losses can occur for several ways, for instance, a robot replacing one on an assembly line, data processing work being sent to other countries where operating costs are of lower range, and maybe an anonymous causing disaster or painting your image negative.

ICT REDUCES PERSONAL INTERACTION: Most people who are adapted to the internet find it difficult to associate with others, this is because, they are more familiar and feel friendly with the internet interaction more than the physical term of it. For example; Facebook, WhatSapp, Twitter and Instagram. Most people need some form of social interaction in their daily life, and if they do not get the chance to meet and talk with other people, they may feel isolated and unhappy and even inferior, especially those who cannot afford the necessary devices required.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION: ICT use allows it users to get access to information thereby causing digital divide between those who cannot access this information with the opposite. Many people don’t get informed rather than deformed about particular happenings in the world. With this, some youth like students seem and feel they know better than those who cannot afford the basic equipment. In the negative aspect, ICT also reduces the level of education and understanding, due to the vast amount of incorrect and misleading information that is online causing moral and ethical problems, due to some nature materials available.


ICT CREATES JOBS OPPORTUNITIES: The advent of ICT introduced new tools to the youth as new opportunities for jobs. ICT, like the social media as a tool or outlet for creativity provides the youths more skills in the future to come. It could be writing poetry or sharing something they have created on twitter. This is to say, ICT helps to showcase one’s creative work. Sometimes works could be appreciated and you are been paid to do more. Most times you make use of the internet for online networking, online video editing and online blogging etcetera.

ICT ENABLE MONEY MAKING: Most vibrant youth in the society can make more money with the use of ICT. One can go into blogging, online advertising, networking and etcetera but not necessarily yahoo yahoo (online fraud) to more money per day more than even the government workers. Some biggest personalities in the society Linda Ikeji, and many more are making it big already in life through blogging.

ICT HELPS IN RESEARCHING: Yes, it is true that the internet is vast in communication, therefore providing every necessary information to it users. There are some words that cannot be found in the dictionary, but with a click of a mouse, you get what you want online your research engines like, Google, chrome, and opera mini etcetera.

IMPROVE ACCESS TO EDUCATION: ICT improve the access to education for example; distance learning and online tutorials. It creates new ways of learning, for instance, interactive multi-media and virtual reality. New jobs opportunities for instance, flexible and mobile networking etcetera.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION: The use of ICT to access information has brought a huge amount of new opportunities for leisure and entertainment, the facility to make contact and form relationships all over the world. ICT has helped in giving the public the required information needed anytime and anywhere. One can easily visit the web to read stories, to check and know what is happening around the world, why they are such happenings and when and who is involved.