Social Media On The Academic Performance Of Nigerian Students

By Laura Kpopji,


This article investigates on the effects of social media on the academic efficacy of the youths/Nigerian students.
It is true that, there is a beneficial aspect of social media on students meanwhile, the negative effects of social media on students and education in general supersedes the positive. This article will further focus on the effect on social media on academic performance of the students.Social Media On The Academic Performance Of Nigerian Students

MEDIA: The media is a tool or medium of communication use for the dissemination of information to the audience/targeted audience.

SOCIAL MEDIA: This is seen as websites and applications that are design to enable users to create and share contents quickly, efficiently, and real-time as well as participating in social networking. According to Wikipedia, social media are also an interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitates the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interest and other forms expression via visual communities and networks.

ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: It can be referred to as academic effectiveness or achievement. It an extent to which the students has been able to achieve their institutional goals as expected.

The following are the beneficial aspect of social media on the academic efficacy of Nigerian students.

1. EASY ACCESS AND DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION: Today, students are continuously connected to the internet through their mobiles, tablets and etcetera. Hence; rapidly transmit information to their friends, families and other connections. This information is a lot more than just hilarious videos, but people share views, opinions, tips, projects, ideas and other useful stuff with each other. Their share useful information for classes and examination.

2. IT AIDS WEB INTERACTIVITY: Students share personal information, links to other sides and comments on someone’s post. By doing this, they get engaged with each other instantly. The use of social media has made it easier and faster to interact with peers or teachers about class related topics.

3. AS A TOOL FOR CREATIVITY: Social media as a tool or outlet for creativity provides the students more skills in the future to come. It could be posting o shots on Instagram, writing poetry or sharing something they have created on twitter. This is to say, social media is best tool which helps students showcase their creative work.

4. IT A NEW NETWORKING TOOL: Social media platforms like LinkedIn networking can be done in the comfort of your home. Students are able to take advantages to upload their resumes, connect with professionals and apply for jobs. Social media has transform the way students think about life after education and finding opportunities for internships and jobs.
Using social media, teachers can be able to improve the involvement of their students in studies and education, improve technological abilities, provides a great sense of collaboration in the classroom and make good communication skills.


1. DISTRACTION: The introduction and presence of social media has caused immeasurable level of distraction to every user, the youth inclusive. The interactive nature of the social media and the instantaneous message delivery with prompt feedback of messages has made it persuasive, hence, it lures the user to spend more time exploring, messaging, connecting, searching and researching on social media platform. Because of this, students are always busy with social media even in classes, students are busy on facebook and whatSapp while lectures are going on.

2. TIME CONSUMPTION: Social media distort valuable time from students. The time that is supposed to be used for valuable and profitable academic activities such as reading and learning skills is been spend for chatting, posting and sharing multi-media files. It distracts students from paying the needed attention to education and personal development. Social media is a new tool that causes distraction to the youths/Nigerian students.

Study shows that, majority of young Nigerians especially the males, have withdrawn from school, or rather showing ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards schooling. Instead prefer in engaging in an online fraud popularly known as yahoo yahoo.
Most students claimed to be in school when they meet their sponsors, but attend classes once in a month and only appear on exams day, all this could be as result of spending much time operating on the social media or thereabout.

4. IT DECLINE READING CULTURE/HABIT: The advent of social media has decrease the level of reading habit on students. Study shows that, most students, especially the lazy and unserious ones no longer have time to study their books, but spend all their times in reading riddles and jokes. Social media as per say, it makes once feel less dizzy while at late hours, but most students lack the ability to use such opportunity in studying their books for a greater future, instead, they depend on social media in other just to have fun and meet friends.

The rate of bad impact the social media has laid on most students in terms of writing and spelling skills is alarming as there is no doubt. Most students no longer know how to spell correctly because they are used to the social media language and spellings. This could be, ‘be right back’ (Brb), ‘ok/okay’ (k), ‘it has’ (itaff), ‘good night’ (gudn9t) and etcetera.
All this short cuts in writings and spellings originated from the advent of social media in the society. This causes most students to even forget the real spellings of such words and then making mistakes in using spelling during their examination.

The social media as the fastest means for sending and receiving information from all part of the globe, especially, educational information, has decrease the rate of patronage in the library, especially the university library.
Most students find it difficult to access the library for necessary information, because they feel it’s a waste of time and energy, instead, they go through their internet and Google, opera mini, chrome, wiki and etcetera to get the needed information with immediacy and current hours rather than walking to the library to check books.