How To Use The Internet Effectively And Responsibly


INTERNET: According to Collins English Dictionary, defines Internet as the single worldwide computer network that interconnects other computer networks, on which end-user services, such as World Wide Web (WWW) sites or data archives are located, enabling data and other information to be exchanged, and it’s also called: THE NET.

The INTERNET is growing rapidly every second as observed by I.T EXPERTS.

The internet has its own merit & demerit (advantages & disadvantages). The Internet has made some rich, made some famous and even brought some people into Christ Jesus.

In this article you will be enlighten on how to use the internet effectively, wisely & responsibly.

1. PREACHING/SHARING THE GOSPEL: Everything has its own time of favourism and side effect on planet earth. God gave us hands to use in making a living and so we must make it in his name alone. In the past years great teachers, ministers and Gods servants has brought so many to know Jesus Christ through the internet and so it has not stop working that way instead its improving every day. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even other websites to share the word of God on a daily basis, and people will have a rethink to be followers of Christ. Website like gives daily bible verses, quotations and study to use in different areas and has changed a lot of people’s life positively. I want you to make a change today, and you will be bless with this aspect of preaching the Gospel to the world through the internet.

2. BLOGGING: This simply means a process of owning a website and publishing responsible contents on it for the world to read, be educated & to learn from. It may be done daily, weekly or even yearly. Many people had become famous & rich from blogging. Example of such people are as follows; Miss Linda Ikeji of, she makes about N4 million monthly & her blog is worth $2.0M (400 Millon Naira), is owned by Mr Oluwa Seun Osewa he makes over 10M naira a week & his website is worth $5M, is owned by a woman and she is making alot out of it, was built by two young men, they had really gone far in the blogosphere, Makinde Azeez of, Eyo Nse of, makes alot of money too and many more other bloggers. You can as well start yours today! I believe tales of blogging success will inspire you.

A person that engages his/her self in blogging is called a ‘BLOGGER.’

3. BUYING ITEM(S) ONLINE: The internet has really made life easy in this 21st century, you can now sit in your bedroom or even office and purchase an item online and it gets delivered to your doorstep within hours. Using website like,,,,,,, among others.

4. PAYING SCHOOL FEES/OTHER BILLS: Yes this is the 4th step on how to use the internet positively, the internet has made paying of fees & other bills easier, your university bill, electricity, & even water bill can be paid from anywhere you wish provided you are connected to the internet.

5. MEETING OLD FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES: My old friends/Colleague has been brought back to my noticed all thanks to the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Badoo is helping a lot of people in the world positively in finding your lost friends, Class mates, colleagues and family members. Many people has abuse the use of the internet by using it negatively, resulting in deaths etc, like Cynthia that died in Lagos State from her Facebook friends & the raping of one Nkechi from her 2go friend in Anambra state, Etc. I charge you to join in the trend of positive use of the internet.

6. INTERNET BANKING: Yes this is related to ‘BUYING ITEM ONLINE’ which we had discussed previously, but oh yes! It is a bit different. This has to do with the use of MasterCard, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), in transacting money or items online, be it to transfer cash from one country to another, load recharge card or even convert Naira to other currencies in Nigeria, the world.

7. WEB DEVELOPMENT: Developing a website is not only done ‘OFFLINE’ by using DREAM WEAVER or any other web development software, but the simplest is online development, you can get a free website at,, etc, within hours.

8. UPGRADING OF PHONE/SOLVING PHONE PROBLEMS: I myself uses the internet to either download or upgrade a mobile phone & other GADGETS like PC, Ipad, Ipod online, and it pays a lot. And without the internet you won’t be able to solve these problems.

9. AS RESEARCH/SEARCHING FOR JOBS/DISCOVERY/LEARNING: Many people had search & had found jobs from the internet using websites like;, etc. Research work has been made easy on the internet because the internet has everything this life has to offer. Learning too has become easily made from the internet, math’s terms & symbols, chemistry symbols & even the history of a country or the world can be seen there.

10. ONLINE SCHOOL: Studying has been made easier with the use of the internet. Online programmes also offers BSC, Masters & even PHD certificates. It’s really good for busy people whose work had really occupied their time.

11. SENDING OF BULK SMS/CUSTOMISED SMS: And finally, internet is an avenue i myself cannot live without each day. Because it pays me a lot. Today you can send BULK SMS to millions of people within seconds without any delay, be it Nigeria or any other country. Majority of this service is done online using platforms like,,,, etc. This business can be started or established with as low as N500 here in Nigeria.

CONCLUSION: Starting a blog or being a blogger doesn’t guarantee success but your dedication and zeal will. The detail you have just gotten is costly but free on this platform. Don’t treat it with levity. It is my earnest wish that this information yield you success. Thank you!