6 Reasons Why You Should Use Your “Birth Name” On The Social Media (Part One)

The social media according to Wikipedia put it as “computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks,” the social media in its simplest term can also be defined as an online community where friends, family, colleagues meet or re-unite in an online platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi etc.

Since its inception, many social media has strive into success and while some are still struggling. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are good examples of social media which has reach its success peak.

Back to the business of the day, “why you should consider using your birth name on the social media”, in this article i will try as much as possible to educate and explore your minds to understand what it means to go with your birth name on the social media

Below are the reason(s) one should use his/her birth name on the social media;

1. IT WILL ALLOW ITS CORE FUNCTION TO BE MADE: Yes, this simply shows you what the social media was created for which is; reuniting with old friends, family members, colleagues, meeting new friends and lots more. Like me, when visiting my Facebook, Twitter handles you will find out that am using my birth name which is ‘Eyo Nse.’ With this i had been able to convince my audience that I’m real considering the fact that some of our name goes on a local spellings. Using your real name (birth name) on the social media will enable friends, colleagues locate your presence easily on search results etc, remember that we are better describe by our native names and traditions

2. IT LINKS YOU TO GENUINE CONNECTIONS: Using the social media to expectations is easy as wring ABC, 123 and more. It strives into our daily lives like reasoning, our lost and successes in life. I must state boldly that majority of my business associates today was discovered on social media, courtesy of my birth name which stood to defend my genuinity. It shows that you are proud of it (your birth name) while others may be shy or too personal to use it on the social media.

3. IT BRINGS RESPECT: Using your birth name of the social media also portrays respect from our family members, friends, colleagues etc. It shows that you are moving forward mentally despite some names going with some local briefs like my name ‘Eyo Nse’ that of my friends and families like ‘Mercy Nse’, ‘Edikan Victor,’ ‘Emmanuel Bassey,’ Uduak Edet, etc. What so ever you engage yourself doing on the social media consider your birth name first. What about seeking a job with an online news publishing outlet, the criteria for employment for an example will only reflects on your social media friends endorsing you, whereas your social media name says ‘Wisdytech’ and your birth name goes with ‘Eyo Nse,’ tell me how will someone get noticed of your previous written articles or news stories which says “written by Eyo Nse or By Eyo Nse” and also interpreting it as the original author

4. IT INCREASES YOUR FRIENDS LIST: Yes like me, if your opportune to catch a glimse on my friends list on the social media, you will be shock to note that 90% of my friends are with their birth names, what do i mean here? I only accept or endorse those with their real names to my friends list, with this i will be settle that am with real humans and not robots.

5. IT BRINGS PRODUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT: If you are a friend on my Facebook list you will note that my updates there brings about productive engagements, reasons is: it is from a well known profile, individual. Some social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook depends on your genuinity for your account to be verified (with a blue batch).

6. IT REDUCES HACKING, FRAUD: Have you ever seen a friend request from Aliko Dangote (African’s Richest man)? Or that of Barrack Obama (U.S. former president) or a sitting governor in your state on the social media especially on Facebook? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ it is fraudulent, it will never go real, their target is to defraud someone. If you are opportune to locate or find the official social media pages of the top personalities i just copy (mentioned) above you will note that they are all verified pages all thanks to their genuineness.

Conclusion: Using the social media has a lot of merit and demerit to consider, Techplace24.com (Source for everything tech) recommend your social media accounts to go with its real identity (real names) except you are a celebrity like Jay Z, Kanye West, Tuface, etc where they are well known with their nick name, outside that please go with the genuine steps as listed above. Thanks for reading!